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Switzerland: Migrants converting to Christianity recent report reveals

An increased numbers of refugees in Switzerland are reportedly converting to Christianity. The churches administrations are not maintaining a record of the conversions in Switzerland; nonetheless, the Christian counselors have confirmed a surge in proselytization. Recent report details that following the refugee crisis, there has been a sharp increase in ...

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Is Jesus Relevant Today?

Many think that Jesus Christ wants us to become religious. They think Jesus came to take all the fun out of life, and give us impossible rules to live by. They are willing to call him a great leader from the past, but say he is not relevant to their ...

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Are You Going to Heaven?

What if you died tonight? Are you absolutely confident where you will dwell in eternity? What if you are wrong? A new study from the Barna Research Group revealed that most Americans believe that “every person has a soul that will live forever, either in God’s presence or absence.” And ...

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How to make decisions when your options are too few

Most of the time, we are faced with circumstances that require us to make decisions. When the options are many, it is often easier to make the right choices, but when the available options are too few, chances are the stress and the tendency to make wrong decisions are high. ...

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Dear beloved, Are you in the condition of not knowing, what to do? Where to go? Whom to depend? Come to Jesus with all your worries, sorrows and pain and you will find rest. In Matthew 14:25-32, we read that Jesus walked on the water. The disciples of Jesus were ...

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World-Renowned Scientist Finds Proof ‘God’ Created the Universe

World-Renowned Scientist Finds Proof ‘God’ Created the Universe A growing black hole, called a quasar, can be seen at the center of a faraway galaxy in this artist’s concept. Astronomers using NASA’s Spitzer and Chandra space telescopes discovered swarms of similar quasars hiding in dusty galaxies in the distant universe. ...

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